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Rubikcubism, 4 new Invader prints. To buy or not to buy, that is the question ?

As you have probably all seen on Instagramm, Invader has decided to release four new prints (actually giclee on aluminium), dedicated to Rubikcubism. They will be for sale untill Sunday the 12th of Feb, at a price of USD 3000 each. I was first motivated to buy one, but but but, it is an open edition ! They will all be signed and numbered but there will be as many editions as orders online. Then the question is of course, how many will be ordered ? Let do some math :) 5000 copies of the 3D little big space sculptures have been sold last summer. And it was hard to get one. We can easy bet that 10 000 at least could have been sold. Lets say 12 000. At EUR 500 each, it makes a global turnover of EUR 6M ! Then we can consider that a third of the ones that bought a EUR 500 sculpture could buy a giclee. It makes 4000 buyers ... not bad. Of course I might be wrong, it could be more, or ... less :). But that simple computation brings the estimated number of ordered giclee to 4000, 1000 each. Of course I might be fully wrong, results in 10 days, actually 9 now.

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