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And the winner is ...

We now have the final Rubiks Heni collaboration edition figures... and ... I was wrong :) My bet was around 4000 copies, and 2400 have been ordered. I probably have not taken enough into account the quality of the artwork. They are quite nice, but not the most graphically satisfying. Anyway 2400 orders remains a huge success for the artist, making a total sale amount of 7,5€M. Shocking ? Not for me. Invader has spent 20 years of his life placing 4000 mosaïcs worldwide, mostly at night, and almost without making money untill the last 5 years. He deserves his recent success. And I bet this is just the beginning ... He remains almost unknown in most areas out of Europe... And the winner is ... Rubik Camouflage. This is my favorite as it is the most closest to the ceramic artwork of the Artist. The dispatch of the sales is: -Invaded Cube: 459 -Rubik Camouflage: 812 -Rubik Country Life: 431 -Rubik Shot Red Marilyn: 774 What to say about the price ? 3000€ for an average of 600 copies, compared to for instance 20/30€k for an Aladin Sane, 60 copies. As for me this is consistent. Let's see what happens on the second hand market after a few months. Compared to any signed Banksy screenprint, the Rubiks giclees are 20 times cheaper, at least !!

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